Preikestolen Kapelle

Pulpit Rock Church – Nordic Contemporary Church The Site – Genius Loci Every pilgrim to the rock leaves his / her prayers on the rock. The rock travels with the pilgrim, and changes the cultural landscape of Rogaland, Norway and beyond, as this competition prooves. The Pilgrimage to the rock is like walking on the palms of God's hand, leading to the sublime experience on the rock, which forms an open holding palm on which the pilgrim arrives exposed to the horizons. “On the palm - under the wing - exposed to the sun, the weather, the seasons and change of light by night and day. “ This place does not ask for a building, but 200.000 pilgrims per annum change the rock. The temporary bulding will leave traces, these traces must be precise and thorough. They will remain as the petroglyphes of Bøla or Østfold as an accupuncture of the rock. The lyrical consecration as petroglyphes is taken from psalm 139, vers 5 and 9. The apsis is formed be psalm 31 vers 9.