Frage des Monats 2015 I / Question of the Month 2015 I 

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Was ist Postgutenbergarchitektur?

What is Post-Gutenberg Architecture?

Bart Lootsma gewidmet.
Dedicated to Bart Lootsma.

The question is the counterquestion to Bart Lootsmas question „What is post-Internet Architecture?“. +++ Die Frage ist die Gegenfrage zu Bart Lootsmas Frage „Was ist Postinternetarchitektur?“.


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Antwort / Answer

Kommentar von Bart Lootsma |

So, as McLuhan influenced the Viennese avant grade of the nineteen sixties and seventies deeply, Post-Gutenberg would be the architecture of early Hans Hollein, Zünd-Up, Haus Rucker Co and Coop Himmelblau. See the Alles ist Architektur part on our website soon. Otherwise: the Museum for Gesellschaft and Wirtschaft by Otto Neurath and its role in the Settlement Movement in Vienna.

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